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Jessica Weibright


I love to hear the stories of places. When I travel, I enjoy listening to how people talk about the place as much as the actual story they are telling. I am interested in the little details of why a certain place is meaningful. I try to capture these little details as  much as grand vistas. They work together to tell the story of a place. The little details give a place character; they illustrate the texture. The grand vistas put everything in context. 
Photogravure is a wonderful printmaking medium for photography. It really brings out a wide range of wonderful tones and textures. I like the versatility; images are richer when processed this way. The method echoes traditional photography in many ways, minus the toxic chemicals. Additionally, the hands-on nature of printmaking brings a real sense of participation in the art making process. 
Many of my images are of little architectural details—  where planes intersect, forgotten corners, alleyways. These spaces are just as interesting to me as the grand vistas. It's almost like revealing a little secret, the parts that they don't put out for tourists. I like to see the everyday, regular part. I can't really ignore the grand vistas, though. They put the little secret parts into context, and help to remind that the big, exciting things are a collection of little, mundane details. 
I hope you enjoy taking a look at some of the places I chose to bring back with me. These images tell a little story about where I went, but maybe they also remind you of somewhere you have been?