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Watermedia, Ink

 It’s all in the details. No matter whether the piece contains elements of realism or is totally abstract the small details entice you to view my work and convince you to crawl into the piece. I pay careful attention to color, lines and patterns but most importantly I am very conscious of creating texture in order to generate the illusion of dimension; therefore allowing the viewer the feeling of being “drawn in”.
   I accomplish this by applying several layers to my pieces: whether I’m using ink, combined with graphite and charcoal or various water media on oriental paper or acrylic on canvas. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of surfaces and techniques and my process is just as fulfilling as the final product. 
   Because I vary my subject matter as well as the use of different mediums and surfaces I have often had an internal fight over my work not being “consistent” enough, however; I prefer to remain versatile in my approach to art making and prefer to experiment rather than recreate. I moved to Albuquerque in 2010 and have been working as an artist professionally since 2012. I am on the board of Art in the Schools and I am a Signature Member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society. I am also a member of the Rio Grande Art Association, the New Mexico Art League and the Art Museum.