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My unique monotypes are inspired by my interest in paper and textiles. For many years, I have practiced the Japanese tradition of paper folding, and it made me aware of the beauty and cultural significance of paper. I am intrigued by the monotype medium because it allows me to explore color and create my own designs. My interest in textiles does not pertain to the actual fabric, but its applications of weaving, stitching and quilting. I thus enjoy the idea of multiple monotypes woven and stitched together to create a new piece of art. My intention is to create a design that is simple and complex enough to keep the viewer captivated. 
My images are usually not fully planned. It is gratifying to discover the image as it reveals itself. I limit myself to a selected color palette and number of designs for a series of monotypes. Although most weavings are created from monotypes of the same series, sometimes two pieces with very different color schemes and designs become the perfect match. In a sense, my woven monotypes are created through controlled randomness, part plan and part chance. 
Little Bird de Papel